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If you guessed eat right, exercise, and get 8 hours of sleep, you’re partly right, but in this instance we’re talking about the important work of managing a function charged with improving a population’s health and quality of life — which is only slightly more difficult than building the International Space Station.

  • Cultivate your network. It’s not about how many LinkedIn connections you can make, but a personal bond with individuals and groups where reciprocity is the foundation. The strongest managers enter these relationships without expecting anything in return for their help or support. Ironically, this selfless approach is precisely what allows them to get the most out of their network.
  • Assemble and nourish your team. Whether a department of 1 with volunteer champions or a dozen wellness staffers, outstanding managers seek out exceptional talent and drive, then put more time and creative energy into nurturing than they do advancing their personal careers. The reason is simple: You get more done and are more likely to get ahead when you harness the talents of many than by trying to play Mighty Mouse.
  • Build trust. This is the backbone of every healthy relationship. And unless you’re the Steve Jobs of wellness, you’re going to need all the healthy relationships you can get — to expand your network, build a team, and create a solid base for participation. Trust takes time and is achieved by how you conduct yourself every day. Read Don’t Trust Your Boss, Teammates, Vendors? on our blog to learn more. 

Before you plow through another bunch of emails, take some time today to reflect on how you’ll get better at each of these skills every day .

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