Celebrate National Nutrition Month with an employee well-being campaign that inspires lasting change. Join us for a no-obligation, 28-minute group demo highlighting our most popular healthy-eating campaigns, Slam Dunk Wellness and Colorful Choices. We'll give away random prizes, too.


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Thursday, January 26 - 12pm Eastern

Thursday, January 26 - 3pm Eastern


Participants love these campaigns; check out a sampling of the testimonials we receive:


 Slam Dunk Wellness

"Slam Dunk Wellness was a fun way to join with other co-workers to eat healthier and exercise. We took turns bringing in healthy snacks and challenged each other to "get up and move" from our desks during the work day.  I believe these wellness incentives give us all ways to improve health and fitness. Some need that little nudge to "slam dunk" their health once in a while!" - Tammy K.


"Spring is always such a busy time of the school year for teachers and it is really easy to make excuses for not exercising or eating right.  Slam Dunk Wellness kept me on top of my game and I felt like I would be letting my team down if I did not follow through.  It was an easy, fun way to stay on top of my health." - Teresa P.


"I was already exercising on the regular basis, but Slam Dunk Wellness encouraged me to take it to the next level. I also learned some great recipes and suggestions to add more healthy eating and activity to my life." - Greg L.


"The team involvement gave me the drive to be successful, when I would have otherwise quit. I lost 6.75 pounds and my energy level and overall health seem better." - April B.


Colorful Choices

"This program made me feel more hopeful about being able to eat healthy. I was able to achieve the daily goal more days of the week than I originally thought. Thanks for the encouragement and new tools." - Eileen H.


"Prior to starting Colorful Choices, I did not eat very many (if any) fresh fruits or vegetables.  I did not drink very much water if it was not in my coffee.  Once I started this program, I found how easy it was to ease fruits and veggies back into my diet and I was actually enjoying them.  I felt better physically and understanding the nutritional values gave me a mental boost.  I learned that if I had a fresh piece of fruit to eat, I would be less likely to go to the vending machine and eat junk food.  I also learned that if I had water or tea in front of me, I would not buy a soda!  Amazing what you learn about yourself!  I really enjoyed this program." - Monica A.


"Colorful Choices helped me to change my diet for me and my family. Wonderful recipes for all day meals." - Barbara G.


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Thursday, January 26 - 12pm Eastern

Thursday, January 26 - 3pm Eastern

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